Devil's Ivy | Epipremnum Aurea

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// Oh go on! Be a little devilish with this trailing Devil’s Ivy!

This beautiful Epipremnum Aurea comes in a 12cm plastic pot and is approximately 20cm tall. Can be trained up a moss pole or left to trail and trail it will!

Watering 💧
Water when the soil is dry through the top 2.5cm (1"). This will normally be once every 7 days through the summer months, and once every 14 days through the winter.

Feeding 🍰
Feed once every 30 days in the summer months using a fertilizer suitable for the plant type. Does not need feeding in the winter.

Likes: being left alone and climbing up things
Dislikes: dust

Care Tips:
👉 If there are stems that are getting a bit shabby, simply cut them back with sharp scissors. This will make your plant grow fuller.
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