Sansevieria | Cylindrica | Boncel
Sansevieria | Cylindrica | Boncel

Sansevieria | Cylindrica | Boncel

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// Also known as Viper's bowstring hemp, Snake plant & Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, snake plants are from the family Asparagaceae meaning they are in fact related to the delicious garden asparagus! According to a report issued by NASA in 1989, the snake plant is known as one of the best house plants to enhance the indoor air quality. In Feng-Shui, if placed in specific corners a snake plant will bring positive energies in the form of prosperity, long life, intelligence, beauty, strength, art, and poetry. These plants are easy to care for in the home because they are not fussy when it comes to light. Because of their air cleaning properties, the bedroom is a great room for your plant.

Water when the soil becomes dry (don't be tempted to water unless the soil is like powder!), and position anywhere from shade up to direct sun. These really are our all-rounders! 

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