Catherine | Plant Person | Northallerton Store

Who are you?

I’m Catherine and I started here in February 2022!

What do you do at The Plant Workshop?

I look after the Northallerton store and keep it looking good, whilst helping and advising our lovely customers! You may also see me crop up on social media and helping to organise future events!

What’s your favourite plant?

HOW COULD I CHOOSE?! I love pretty much all cacti and succulents, but I’ve also become a fan of the Pachira Aquatica/Money Tree because it’s got so much character with all it’s lumps and bumps.

What’s it like to work at The Plant Workshop?

It’s a lovely relaxed environment to work in and all the customers are super friendly so it makes it just a joy to come to work. The team are all really open and inviting too so I feel like I’ve been here forever.

Most overused word or phrase?

No offense...

One thing you can’t live without?

A space only for me where I can chill out in once in a while.

What’s your favourite food?

Again...HOW COULD I CHOOSE?! I do have a massive sweet tooth so pretty much anything with sugar, but it’s still pretty hard to beat cheesy garlic bread and hot sauce... I’m a food connoisseur can’t you tell?

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Gaming. I find it so relaxing (and exciting at the same time!) and I love to just sit and get lost in a different world for a few hours.