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Hoya Carnosa | Australis

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// A relatively slow growing plant and likely a cultivar as there have been no reported sightings of this variation in the wild.
Hoya Australis as a species is native to East Asia and tropical Australia.

Medium to bright light or dappled shade, avoiding prolonged exposure to direct Sun. 
If your room is:

North facingYou can place directly in the window, ideally with some north-east or north-west direct Sun exposure.


East facingIn the window or any other bright location in the room.


West facingIn the window with a filter or any other bright location in the room.


South facing: In the window with a filter or anywhere without exposure to harsh midday Sun.


Wait until the soil has completely dried out then pour thoroughly, allowing any excess water to drain.

Tolerant of most room conditions.

Pet Safe
This plant is non-toxic.
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