The perfect candle recipe...

Before The Plant Workshop was born, Steve and I used to spend more than we'd care to remember on candles from high-end brands.  It must be good quality if it's expensive and comes in a beautiful box - not to mention in a beautiful bag, too? Chuck me a ribbon in and I'm sold! We were sucked in. We admit it!

Luxury Home Fragrance by The Plant Workshop at Fenwick Newcastle. Candles, Reed Diffusers, Hand and Body Wash and Shower Gel

We tested a lot of candles, I mean a lot. Often to be left with dirty, smokey jars, expensive wax residue left on the sides and uneven burning. But these are designer brands...I'm sure they're meant to be like that! We were just left unsatisfied and thought we could do better...

Steve set out to research and learn the art of candle making as a hobby initially and possibly to stop me buying more candles. There was method in his madness! Who'd have thought things developed into a loyal following of you lovely lot, praising our products and coming back time and time again. We may not have the huge marketing budget of those large corporate companies but we believe firmly in good quality ingredients with products that actually perform. 

Read on to get an insight into candle-making...or skip to see the candles.

What makes a good candle?

The Candle Jar

Candle Jar The Plant Workshop Home Fragrance

So the type and size of jar or receptacle is so important. Do you choose glass, ceramic, concrete? Each material affects how the candle performs, its efficiency and reliability. We opted for amber, heat-proof glass jars which cast a wonderful glow on those cosy nights. They're functional, good-looking but their thick walls make for an efficient burning candle. Weird shaped vessels aren't great for candles, we prefer straight sides to keep things burning perfectly. More on why jars and wicks are so important below...

The Wax

Candle wax by The Plant Workshop

Did you know there's different waxes for different applications? Softer, harder, more malleable, melting points - there's so many types of wax available to make candles with. For example soy, mineral, vegetable oil and coconut to name a few. And, not to mention waxes can be blended to obtain the desired results. 

The Fragrance

Home Fragrance by The Plant Workshop

Like baking, you've got to start with the very best quality ingredients. Put in rubbish quality ingredients and you can't expect the best results. We only use quality fragrances to help us create our amazing formulas and blends. The type of fragrance and how it's used can impact how strong or weak a candle is - no one likes a plain, boring candle. Well, we don't! 

"You're Getting on my Wick!"

Home Fragrance by The Plant Workshop

Size is everything *giggle* - well, wick size matters. Honestly, it does. Wicks have to be matched to the vessel size so they're not over-or-under powered. An under-powered wick won't burn efficiently and will leave wax-residue on the sides of your container. A wick that's too powerful can burn the delicate fragrance oils and can make your candle smell of....well, nothing. Nowt, naught, nada, zilch! We choose our wicks wisely for your pleasure! 

"Why doesn't it smell?" 

We've all been there with candles that don't smell, tunnel, smoke, wicks falling over and even extinguishing. Before you know it, you're left with an expensive ornament that doesn't smell great. What a waste! We know there's always the option of scraping out the wax and using a wax-melter but we don't like to faff around - just make a candle that works and burns perfectly, please!

Did you know some manufacturers will use an insane amount of fragrance oil alongside an oversized wick. Sounds perfect? Not really. An oversized wick with lots of oil can increase the temperature of the candle, causing soot, smoking and generally doesn't allow fragrances to perform at their best. Bigger isn't always better! Read our tips below on how to keep your candles performing and scenting your home right to the very end!

How to Burn Candles

  • Position in a draught-free area
  • Keep the wick trimmed after each use
  • Let the wax melt entirely across the surface before extinguishing
  • Don't move your candles when lit
  • Choose smaller candles for smaller spaces...and larger candles know the rest!

"So you think you're special?"

What makes our candles so special? Don't just take our word for it - check out our lovely reviews. Our small batch candles are wicked, blended, poured and hand finished in our studio. Even our labels are printed in-house. Did you know all our ingredients are from the UK only, plus we only use recyclable packaging materials and zero plastic?

We're rigorously safety tested and our formulas and materials create long-lasting candles that burn evenly, providing you with hours of enjoyment. Why settle for poor quality candles - we think it should be a crime!

We want to help you choose your newest fragrance - shop our entire range and discover something quite amazing.