Frequently Asked Questions

We're passionate about plants and making sure every customer has the best experience. Below you'll find answers to questions about placing your order, plant care, visiting us in person and even getting to know The Plant Workshop.


Easy-peasy! You can shop with us online for delivery across the UK or in-store at Fenwick Newcastle, Billingham, Northallerton or at Kirkleatham Walled Garden.

We also offer a Click & Collect service from our Billingham store (in TS23 4AZ). Simply place your order online, select 'collection' and you can collect your items during our normal opening hours. 

If you see an item that's available in any other store, please get in touch and we'll gladly transfer it to your closest store for you or deliver it (subject to delivery charges).

Check out our store information here.

We do! Check out our delivery information here.

We do! You're a nice person - click here for Gift Vouchers.

Each of our plants arrive in their nursery pots (usually brown/black in colour) and can simply be placed inside a decorative pot. Sizes for plants and pots are included in each item description but if you're struggling, please get in touch.

All our plants come in nursery pots, so you might want to include a decorative pot to go with your new plant.

There are occasions where we include a decorative pot and this will be displayed in the item title and/or description.

We've created a filter on the plant product page and various sections for 'low light' and 'direct sun' to help you choose your perfect plant-family. If you're still stuck, don't worry - drop us a message and we'll pop some recommendations together for you.

Of course! Low light is often defined as having to turn a light on when reading a book/newspaper in your space.

We've created a filter on the plant product page for 'low light' to help choose your perfect plant-family. If you're still stuck, don't worry - drop us a message and we'll pop some recommendations together for you.

Oh you Sun-Workshipper! Yes we do! Read on!

We've created a filter on the plant product page for 'Direct Sun' to help choose your perfect plant-family. If you're still stuck, don't worry - drop us a message and we'll pop some recommendations together for you.

We've created a filter on the plant product page. Simply select 'Pet Safe' to help you choose your puurfect plant-family. See what we did there? :-)

If you're still stuck, don't worry - drop us a message and we'll pop some recommendations together for you.

We do! You can browse by size using the filter on our product pages. Usually 5-6cm diameter plants are perfect for terrariums.

Whether you're opting for a dry terrarium (think cacti and succulents) or a humid, moist terrarium (yes, we said it!) where calathea or ferns will thrive - we have you covered!

Of course! We have excellent access to growers of the finest plants and can special order for your requirements. Drop us a message and we'll be in touch.

We specialise in indoor plants, however we can special order some outdoor plants/trees. Send us a message here with your requirements and we'll check for you!

Sometimes you might have one or more rooms needing plants and we find the best way to offer our free personal shopping service is by video-call.

Pop us a message across and we'll arrange for a video-call at your convenience and we can put a tailor-made plan together.

We do! And, we think they make beautiful gifts that your friends/family can cherish. Send us a message across and we can discuss your requirements. We look forward to it!


We don't send plants out 'wet' so your new additions may need a drink. Check the soil 1-2 inches into the pot with your finger (soil will tell you a lot about your plants!) and if your finger has soil on it, then chances are it's good to go! If it's very dry 1-2 inches down, then give it a water. You can either bottom-water (pop the plant in the sink for 10 mins or so) or top water. If you're top-watering, then aim for water gently coming out the bottom, then stop. Go gently as to not disturb the roots - these beauties don't like a jet wash! :-)

Now you're good but contact us if you have any concerns.

Your plants are perfectly fine in their nursary pots for a while before you repot them. If you've bought a new decorative pot (like a ceramic pot or basket), then we'd recommend keeping them in their plastic nursary pots and slipping them into their decorative pots. It's not advised to plant them directly into pots without drainage holes as often we can overwater plants and make them sad.

We're always around to answer questions and troubleshoot your plants. We don't even mind if you didn't buy them from us! Drop us a message here or contact us on social media. With a team of 6, passionate (and very excitable!) plant-people, we'll be sure to find a solution to your plant-woes.

We're here for you! Get in touch here and we'll help you!

Of course! We LOVE seeing photos of your wonderful plants (and their owners!), so pop them across to us at and we might even feature them on our socials!


🎵 "Let's get physical!"

Click here to see our locations - we can't wait to see you!

Click here for our store information, including opening hours.

Yes! All our stores have parking.

Absolutely! And we love meeting your furry-friends! Our Billingham, Northallerton & Fenwick stores are all dog-friendly. Winston (our English Springer Spaniel) makes a regular appearance at all our stores.


We do! With the name 'The Plant Workshop' we'd need to! :-)

We often run workshops in our stores (including Fenwick Newcastle), across our others stores and on the road.

Click here to see if we're running workshops at the moment and keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram or Facebook page for more details!

The Plant Workshop run the following workshops:

Our Terrarium Workshops are a great fun and practical way to learn about these wonderful self-contained eco-systems. Build and take home a finished terrarium that you can be proud of.

Our Plant-Care Workshops are a beginners guide to learning about indoor plants, their origins, their native habitat and how to care for them in your space. Plus, you'll learn how to propagate plants and come away with cuttings.

How about a Candle-Making Workshop to guide you into creating the perfect candle from The Plant Workshop?

We do! We cater for all sizes of businessses. Small, medium and large!

Send a message across to us and we'll get back to you.


The Plant Workshop is co-owned by husband-team Dave Morley & Steve Vernon. These lucky two are supported by a team of 6 plant enthusiasts - meet the team here (and don't forget Winston, the English Springer Spaniel!)

Our candles are made by our co-founder, Steve in Stockton, Teesside. What turned into a hobby, slowly became something special and now we get to share these beautiful fragrances with you!

Snail-mail us here: Unit 7, Belasis Court, Belasis Business Park, Billingham, TS23 4AZ

Since we started The Plant Workshop, we’ve been researching ways to reduce our impact on the environment, from picking the most ethical and environmentally-sound plant growers, through to our suppliers of pots to raw ingredients for our candle-making. We’re always looking to work with ethical, sustainable and eco-conscious companies but we appreciate there’s a long way to go.

We’ve seen a welcome-shift in the use of cardboard plant trays, and plant pots made from coir and others from PLA (made by fermenting plants such as sugarcane and corn starch - clever stuff!)

We’re working with suppliers local to our stores, for example our wonderful (often used!) cardboard boxes are from a small business near to Fenwick who share our same values.

At The Plant Workshop, we recycle our packaging where possible and dispose of waste responsibly. You’ll often find re-used packaging within your plant delivery and plastic nursery pots (where available) are free of charge in our stores for when you need to re-pot.

We’re doing our bit, but if you spot anything you think we can do better - please get in touch

He's partial to gravy-bones and cheese! Learn more about Winston here.

We love growing our team of creative and passionate people - pop across your C.V to and we'll be in touch.

Good question! Yes - pop across to our Trade Enquiries page and send us message.


We have loyalty cards in-store and for every £10+ spend you'll receive a stamp. Collect 6 stamps and you'll be rewarded with 15% off.

Available in all stores including Fenwick. Nice!

From time-to-time we issue discount codes for special sales or events via our website, email and our social media. Scroll to the bottom of this page and make sure you're signed up to our newsletter to get the latest! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok!

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