Frequently Asked Questions

We're passionate about creating beautiful products and making sure you have the very best experience with us. Below you'll find answers to questions about placing your order, visiting us in person and even getting to know The Plant Workshop.

// How to order with us

Easy-peasy! Shop our Home Fragrance online and let us deliver to your door or visit our concession in Fenwick Department Store in Newcastle for all plants, pots and accessories.

Check out our store information here.

We do! Check out our delivery information here.

We do! Our e-gift vouchers can be emailed to either yourself or the recipient directly.

Currently gift vouchers purchased via can be redeemed online. Click here to purchase a gift voucher.

We do! And, we think they make beautiful gifts that your friends/family can cherish. Send us a message across and we can discuss your requirements. We look forward to it!

Sometimes you might have one or more rooms needing plants and we find the best way to offer our free personal shopping service is by video-call.

Pop us a message across and we'll arrange for a video-call at your convenience and we can put a tailor-made plan together.

We do! Fancy getting our home fragrance in your store? Pop across to our Trade Enquiries page and send us message. We'd love to hear from you!

// Our Stores

Click here for store information.

Click here for our store information, including opening hours.

Our Fenwick store is easily accessible from a number of car parks in the city centre. Click here for more store information.

Absolutely! And we love meeting your furry-friends for cuddles and treats!

Yes, of course! We LOVE seeing photos of your newest purchase. Pop them across to us at and we might even feature them on our socials!

You can also tag us on Instagram/Facebook using @theplantworkshopuk

// Workshops

We often run workshops with other businesses across the North East.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram and Facebook pages for more details!

The Plant Workshop run the following workshops:

Our Terrarium Workshops are a great fun and practical way to learn about these wonderful self-contained eco-systems. Build and take home a finished terrarium that you can be proud of.

How about a Candle-Making Workshop to guide you into creating the perfect candle from The Plant Workshop?

We often run themed workshops during the year - make sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook for more details!

We do! We cater for all sizes of businessses. Small, medium and large!

Send a message across to us and we'll get back to you.

// Our Business

The Plant Workshop was founded by husband-team Dave Morley & Steve Vernon back in 2020! We're supported by a passionate team here (and don't forget Winston & Huxley, the English Springer Spaniels!)

We do! Our home fragrance range is made by our co-founders in the Scottish Highlands. What turned into a hobby, slowly became something special and now we get to share these beautiful products with you!

From initial inspiration to testing, creating, pouring and labelling - everything is created in our workshop in Scotland.

Absolutely! All our ingredients and products are vegan and cruelty free.

They're partial to gravy-bones and cheese! Learn more about our boys here.

We love growing our team of creative and passionate people - pop across your C.V to and we'll be in touch.

// Plant-Related Questions

Your plants are perfectly fine in their nursery pots for a while before you repot them. If you've bought a new decorative pot (like a ceramic pot or basket), then we'd recommend keeping them in their plastic nursery pots and slipping them into their decorative pots. It's not advised to plant them directly into pots without drainage holes as often we can overwater plants and make them sad.

We specialise in indoor plants, however we can sometimes special order outdoor plants/trees. Send us a message here with your requirements and we'll check for you!

We're always around to answer questions and troubleshoot your plants. We don't even mind if you didn't buy them from us! Drop us a message here or contact us on social media - we're a friendly bunch!

We'll always let you know if your new plant-purchase needs a drink when you get home.

A good idea is to check the soil 1-2 inches into the pot with your finger (soil will tell you a lot about your plants!) and if your finger has soil on it, then chances are it's good to go! If it's very dry 1-2 inches down, then give it a water. You can either bottom-water (pop the plant in the sink for 10 mins or so) or top water. If you're top-watering, then aim for water gently coming out the bottom, then stop. Go gently as to not disturb the roots - these beauties don't like a jet wash! :-)

Now you're good but contact us if you have any concerns.

Oh you Sun-Worshipper! Yes we do!

Drop us a message and we'll put some recommendations together for you or ask in store.

Ask in-store for all pet-safe options and we'll help. There's a lot of variety to choose from and we all want to keep your pets safe.

If you're still stuck, don't worry - drop us a message and we'll pop some recommendations together for you.

Of course! Low light is often defined as having to turn a light on when reading a book/newspaper in your space.

Ask in store and we'll point out the best plants for lower-light spaces. There's lots to choose from!

If you're still stuck drop us a message and we'll pop some recommendations together for you.

Our amazing team are experts at finding the right plant for your space. We take into consideration your available lighting, humidity, temperature and even your experience.

Ask us in-store or pop us message across with some photos and we'll help you out - we're friendly!

We're here for you! Get in touch here or ask our team in store and we'll help you!

Of course! We have excellent access to growers of the finest plants and can special order for your requirements. Drop us a message and we'll be in touch.

// Rewards

We have loyalty cards in-store and for every £10+ spend you'll receive a stamp. Collect 6 stamps and you'll be rewarded with 15% off.

All new customers get 15% off their first order with us by signing up to our newsletter.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and make sure you're signed up to our newsletter to get the latest!

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok where we sometimes share discount codes.

(T&C: Your welcome discount is valid on your first online order with us only. We reserve the right to cancel orders where codes for the same person and/or household has been used more than once)

Can't find answers to your questions?

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