About us

For the love of Indoor Plants & Home Fragrance!

"Hi! I'm Dave the co-owner of The Plant Workshop, married to a very tolerant Steve and our wonderful Springer Spaniel Winston completes our little family. I'm sure many of you have met Winston in one store or another - we make out he's a little social butterfly, but really he loves nothing more than sofa-surfing and watching Drag Race! Lad after my own heart!

The Plant Workshop started with my obsession around interiors and house-plants. I remember Steve saying "you could open a shop with all these plants!" as he wrestled up the stairs, parting various Devil’s Ivy and Rhipsalis hanging down from the ceiling. Poor Steve, I kept my plant-addiction quiet before we married. I literally couldn't go anywhere without coming home with more plants, learning to care for them and of course, having the occasional overwatering disaster which we won’t discuss any further!"

"A photographer by trade, I went onto study dietetics (totally unrelated, yes?) and once I finished my degree, I worked as an acute and community dietitian for a couple of years at The Friarage Hospital, Northallerton. Something just didn’t fit and it took a while to realise I needed a creative outlet. My manager at the time told me I was a ‘Square peg in a round hole’ - one of these days, I’ll thank her!

There came a time when this burning desire to move back into a more creative role and yes, play with plants, surround myself with lush, green foliage, pots, accessories and photographs. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with all of the above? Not a problem for a shop owner selling plants!?"

"For a long time, I’ve fantasised with the idea of having a social space filled with plants and accessories. Encouraging people to come together, chat all things plant-related, maybe put the world to rights? Being able to eye up, appreciate and buy plants and accessories was just the icing on the cake! Along with giving Winston a stroke – not mandatory, but encouraged!

Obviously, it needed to be a viable business but I knew I could create a business that’s environmentally conscious, community-focused and had that exceptional customer service that we all love."

"I couldn’t have created The Plant Workshop without Steve’s support and amazing technology and organisational skills - he's a fantastic husband who, admittedly has the patience of a saint! We really didn’t know The Plant Workshop would become such a success, growing (pun intended) to a team of incredibly talented and passionate people who make it such an amazing place to work.

So here’s to you, our wonderful customers and our brilliant team, making The Plant Workshop the best it can be - we’re doing this, with you!

Come and join us on our journey...

Thanks, Dave"