The Chelsea Flower Show 2022


Houseplant Design Studio


// Design Brief

“Celebrate your home utopia as our team inspire you to invite wellness into your work-from-home space. Sensory plants, materials and textures, alongside our home fragrance range, create a dual-purpose relaxing and calming environment, in addition to an uplifting and energising working space.”

"The Grass is Greener Where You Water It"

Many of our working environments shifted, as a result of the pandemic, bringing the office into our homes. The Plant Workshop’s design is centred around creating a more nurturing, productive and stress-reducing environment through the use of indoor plants and their abundant benefits. 

With a focus on improving wellbeing in your home, The Plant Workshop was born from providing doorstep deliveries to people in the North East of England and North Yorkshire, bringing a sense of positivity and purpose.

The Plant Workshop has created a beautiful and inclusive work from home space, balancing productivity and downtime, which can be enjoyed regardless of age to replicate a sense of sanctuary irrespective of locality, space or budget.

The design encourages you to curate your own home utopia, taking inspiration from the installation to invite wellness into your space. Materials and staging highlight the relatability of the design, combining textures and sensory elements.