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What perfume is best for a home?

Everyone wants their home to smell amazing and fragrance is very personal to the individual. There's no hard and fast rule with fragrances, some people opt for one scent, others will choose a variety of scents throughout their homes. You get to choose the perfume or fragrance that fits your personality or mood and switch it up whenever you want. 

What are home fragrances?

Home fragrances are products that scent a space and are often divided into candles, reed diffusers, room mists, plug-in diffusers, wax melts and oil burners. 

What candle brand is best?

The brand of a candle doesn't matter, it's the ingredients that count. From the type of wax, quality and type of wick, the jar or container and of course the fragrance is all extremely important. Often with huge brands you can end up paying for a mediocre product which is mass produced with very little care. The raw ingredients in candle-making isn't massively expensive (although prices have risen in recent times), so next time you opt for a big brand, think about how much you're paying for their marketing team vs the actual product itself.

What type of home fragrance lasts the longest?

Good quality fragrances tend to last longer than cheaper varieties - you get what you pay for with fragrances. At The Plant Workshop we use only the finest fragrances for our candles, reed diffusers and our skincare. Depending on the area you want to scent with fragrance will often help you decide on what product to buy. 

How do you use a home fragrance?

Take into consideration your space, the size, are there any draughts, do you want a strong or subtle fragrance? For example, a hallway may get lots of movement with people walking past, therefore reed diffusers are fantastic at helping move fragrance scent around. Candles are best kept for areas with no draught and the larger the space, needs a larger candle. Our 1-wick candles are perfect for smaller spaces (like a bedroom, small living space or kitchen) and our 3-wick candles are great for a large bedroom or living area. We like our home filled with a powerful scent so we're often found using our 3-wick candles which are really potent, diffusing beautiful fragrance throughout our home.  

What scented candles smell the strongest?

Ever had a candle that just doesn't smell strong? We hear you! It's often down to manufacturers using poor quality or low percentages of fragrance oils in their products. Our candles are tested to use the very highest percentages of fragrances, however some scents are just stronger than others - for example Oud, Northumberland Street, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Lemongrass & Ginger are favourites for that instant, strong hit of scent. 

Check out our range of home fragrance here - you can email us with any questions, too!