Plant Spotlight on Pilea Peperomoides

Plant spotlight on Pilea Peperomoides 🌱a.k.a the Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant, UFO plant or Pass-Along Plant. 🌱


Native to Southern China, their flat coin shaped leaves symbolise prosperity and financial stability. 💷 The Chinese Money Plant was brought across to Europe in the mid 40’s where cuttings were shared and passed along between plant collectors, hence its nickname, the Pass-Along Plant! They grew in popularity in the 70’s when they became commercially available in Kew Gardens 🪴

Pilea Peperomoides are now popular house plants for their low maintenance care needs and quick growth! 🌱🌿 They produce lots of ‘pups’ (baby plants) which are easy to propagate for you to grow your Pilea collection or share with family and friends!