The best tips for houseplant bugs and pests

// Be sure to check for pests!

Our houseplant shop team in Fenwick Newcastle have some fabulous tips on how to spot plant pests and treatment… on!


This time of year the chance of finding unwanted visitors on your houseplants increases, so here's how to check your plants and keep pests at bay.

1️⃣ Check over the stems. Mealy bugs, whitefly and aphids are usually quite visible here.

2️⃣ Check the leaves. Thrips and spidermites can cause discolouration and damage to the leaves. Sometimes making the plant look 'dusty' and unhappy. Keeping your leaves clean and dust-free will help to discourage any pests.


3️⃣ Check the underside of the leaves. Spidermites and Thrips love to gather here so look out for webbing and tiny white dots (spidermites) and small, white and black elongated bugs (thrips).


4️⃣ Use our SB Ivigorator as part of your plant care routine, acting as a preventive measure that has a foliar feed in it to keep your plants healthy.

All plant pests are treatable, so if you notice something untoward then act quickly. Isolate the affected plant, treat and repeat. //


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