Why did we create a Christmas candle?

christmas tree - dave and steve at the plant workshop

The Inspiration

Steve and I love Christmas, in fact it’s our favourite time of year. Sounds cliché but we both get to spend quality time together; slowing everything down and doing a bit of reflecting on the year. It’s what Christmas is all about!

Often it’s snuggled up on the sofa after a long walk, overindulging on those nostalgic vibes, the good food and wine and Christmas lights twinkling in the background.

Christmas for us is all about slowing down and enjoying those comforting moments. Spending time with family and scents of kitchen spices from warm breakfast pastries and crispy, frosty forest walks. Moving to the Scottish Highlands this year, we know we’re in for a treat!

dave and steve at the plant workshop

The Tradition

Since we got together nearly 20 years ago, we’ve always bought ourselves a festive candle (or two!) as a tradition in the Morley-Vernon household. Nothing says Christmas than a candle throwing out those festive, citrusy and aromatic vibes with guests asking 'where did you get that from?'

Over three years ago, we opened The Plant Workshop and gradually started navigating the possibility of creating a home fragrance range. We could have outsourced it but we wanted to create it ourselves - as you do!


winter 2023 luxury candle by the plant workshop scottish highlands, fenwick newcastle

Creating the Perfect Christmas Candle

With Christmas being such a special time for us, our first Winter candle needed to be something we’d have in our home and get us really excited. It also needed to resonate with you wonderful people who could get behind our ‘Christmas in a jar’ fragrance. 

dave in the workshop at the plant workshop scottish highlands and fenwick newcastle - creating luxury home fragrance

We sampled and sampled scents again-and-again, rejigged recipes over-and-over again. Sleepless nights thinking ‘is it right?’ -‘does it need more fruit?’ - ‘will they like it?’ - and repeat!

candle jars at the plant workshop scottish highlands luxury candles

Finally, we stood back after whiffing our best Christmas formula, looked at each other and said “oh my god, we’ve done it!’ - our first Winter candle was ready.

pouring wax at the plant workshop scottish highlands

Encompassing everything Christmas should be, from the glorious base of citrus fruits through an infusion of warming spices that warm the soul. In its third year, our perfect Christmas candle Winter ‘2023’ is most definitely from our house to yours…

Best wishes,
Dave & Steve

Winter '2023' festive Christmas fragrance, including candle, reed diffuser and hand was by the plant workshop in the scottish highlands and fenwick department store newcastle