Support Small Business


// Celebrate Small Businesses & Get Involved with 'Shop Independent Summer 2022'

We're celebrating all things small business related and championing the amazing work our small businesses do to keep going. Check out the artwork created above by some very talented artists working with Holly Tucker.

With Shop Independent Day around the corner on Saturday 25th June, we're encouraging you to swap your usual shop and make at least one purchase from  a small business if you can. 

There's lots of other ways to help small businesses thrive that doesn't involve spending money - check them out below

1. Like, Share and Comment on their posts

We all work hard to create our social media and make it fun and interesting. We love it when you engage with us and a simple like, share or comment can really make our day. Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Recommend to Family & Friends

The best way for us to reach more people and grow is word of mouth. Family and friend recommendations are crucial for us and if you've had a great experience then why not share it?

3. Write a Review

Reviews help show other customers that we're a trusted place to buy products and allows you to showcase your experience and suggest improvements. We're always reading our reviews on our website, Google and Facebook - have you left us a review yet?

4. Newsletters 

Everyone's inbox is crowded but if you're passionate about a particular small business then why not sign-up to their newsletter? We all put in hard work making our newsletters interesting and relevant and growing an email list is part of growing our small businesses. Sign-up and keep in touch with us here.

5. Email or Message

Sometime's running a business isn't always rosy and we're often bogged down with paperwork and the 'not-so-fun' aspects of running a business. Receiving messages or emails about a service, experience or product can brighten up anyone's day. We love hearing from you about your delivery or experience in-store and we share this with the rest of our team. It ripples throughout all the team, good or bad and we love to hear what you've got to say! 

We're eternally grateful for your love and support you've shown The Plant Workshop and we continue to grow because of you.


The Plant Workshop Team