Winston | Meet & Greet

Winston at The Plant Workshop

Who are you?

My name's Winston and my daddies own The Plant Workshop.

What do you do at The Plant Workshop?

I go with my dad to his Billingham shop quite often, but recently been up to Fenwick in Newcastle. It's now my favourite as I get toys from the toy department upstairs and they have really nice people working there. I'm pretty easy-going really and tend to give out cuddles and then lie on the floor until something takes my fancy.

What’s your favourite plant?

Well, I sniff them all really but haven't got a favourite. I did eat a calathea leaf once but I was fine. 

What’s it like to work at The Plant Workshop?

My dad always says I don't do anything but if it wasn't for me, people wouldn't come to the shops. People give me lots of compliments and I tend to walk around the place and get to sniff people. Some smell really nice and I can't help myself but go back for another sniff. 

Most overused word or phrase?

I do get really excited sometimes and have an outburst of barking. Usually when I get out the car and can't get into the shop. It's irritating when no one is there to open the door and greet me. 

One thing you can’t live without?

I love all my toys and my dad is always telling the other one off for spending too much on toys which apparently is 'unnecessary'. My dads gifted me a very expensive velvet throw from Heal's in emerald green, but then tried to take it back. It's now on my chair.  

What’s your favourite food?

I live for cheese (like Sharon) and gravy-bones. I can also tell the difference between the cheap ones and leave these ones.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

My dads work very hard but we do go walking twice a day and at weekends. I know when the walk is cut short and find that if I slow down and don't allow them to put my lead back on, then it delays the walk and I get to enjoy it some more.